Ways to Wear It – Crisp White Shirt

Something every girl should have in her closet is a crisp, clean, white button-up shirt! White is such a great color to wear because you can spice it up with all kinds of accessories and shoes! I love wearing my white shirt with a bright bold necklace(or two)!

And since my sweet friend Jessi brought it up, you can, in fact, wear white after Labor Day.

These pops of color are so great with a clean canvas of a shirt!

This is from Alexander Wang’s Pre-Fall 2010 collection. This look would be easy to replicate with a black belt at an umpire-waist level.

Must admit that I’m not sure where this photo is from, I’ve seen it in a magazine before, but I can’t find the source online. What I love about it is the contrast between the billowy, romantic sleeves and the fitted pencil skirt. The sleeves aren’t overpowering because they are paired with such a fitted piece.

This is Iris Strubegger styled as Carolina Herrera. This is basically the opposite of the photo above it, a fuller skirt with a more fitted shirt. Such sophisticated glamour in this look.

This is from Viktor & Rolf Spring 2011, this entire collection is a variation on “the shirt.”  This is my favorite interpretation of all of the white shirts that they did.


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